Industrial Services

As an industrial engineering company Repo International Trade Co. designs and supplies machines, process equipment and production lines for major industrial players including the steel, automotive, aerodynamics, chemical, cement and energy sectors.
Repo International Trade is known for its technological expertise and competence in executing big projects on a turnkey basis. We import mechanical equipment and spare parts from the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Russia, China, India, Euro Countries (Germany, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Spain, Poland, France, and Finland), Japan and Turkey, based on the manufacturers' locations. We began with importing parts to the Egyptian market, then we expanded our reach to also service Algeria, Mauritania, Benin, Chad, Sudan, Libya, Jordan, and Yemen.

Industrial Chemistry : Repo International Trade is the link between the research and industrial-scale chemical engineers who make use of their broad understanding of chemistry and environmental sustainability in areas like pharmaceutical companies, polymer manufacturing, petrochemical processing, food science, and manufacturing industries..


REPO’s customers range from private individuals to government offices to holding companies who work in mining, roads/soil, cement, construction & building, hydraulics, sanitation, petroleum, marine, mooring, and dredging equipment.
REPO supplies parts for tractors, forklifts, excavating equipment, trucks, compactors & soil stabilizers, belt conveyors, compressors, rock & earth drilling equipment, pile-driving & tie-back equipment, crushers, boilers, burners, batch plants, mixers, pumps, asphalt plants, pavers, cold planers, welding equipment, engines, generators, undercarriages, chains, wire ropes, filters & filter bags, hydraulic motors, automotive parts, pipes & hoses, bearings, motors, blowers for construction equipment, and refrigerated body cells for food transportation.


As one of the world’s leading suppliers of cement plant equipment, Repo International Trade Co. offers a full-line of equipment supply and engineering for cement plants, as well as individual machines, equipment packages, spare parts, and a full range of associated plant services. REPO’s long term vision is to be a customer-focused equipment supplier and service company, providing environmentally friendly technologies to the cement industry.